Repetitive Trauma

Repetitive trauma injuries can be caused by either repetitive movements or long term poor posture.  While any part of the body can be vulnerable to repetitive trauma, injury to the upper body is generally the most significant. Repetitive physical activities in the workplace may include the use of power tools, hand tools, vibrating tools and equipment work in a cold temperature, any work involving repeated stress or pressure of the particular part of the body or joint, any assembly line work, work involving reaching over the head, repeated squeezing, repeated flexion and extension of the wrist, repeated arm movements, holding the hands in a certain position while applying pressure or force, or repetitive lifting.

The most common upper body repetitive trauma conditions are carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, and thoracic outlet syndrome.  Other conditions include reflex sympathetic dystrophy and tarsal tunnel syndrome, (a condition quite like carpal tunnel syndrome but afflicting the feet.)

If you have been injured and feel that you have cause to suspect it was sustained due to some sort of repetitive trauma, you must show that the injury was work related and not the result of a normal degenerative aging process nor the result of some other non-work related condition.

If you, a friend or family member sustain an injury due to work-related repetitive or cumulative trauma, you should seek competent legal representation without delay.

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